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  • We neutralise 100% of your flight CO2 emissions !

  • We only use trees and other natural climate solutions !

  • We do this automatically and FREE of extra cost and effort to you !

Step 1  use our flight comparison tool below to search and book with 700+ airlines and travel agents !


Step 2  after you book & fly, we plant or save at least 10 trees to offset+ the CO2 emissions of your flight, free !

Step 3  we reduce the eco-impact of your hotel stays and car hire if you search & book via

Step 4  if we earn any surplus, we will re-invest at least 50% into additional natural climate solution projects! is unique!

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Kayak Users

If you're a long-time Kayak user, you can initiate a flight search to Kayak via our fly-eco Kayak link below, if you prefer using the Kayak interface.


We can't guarantee to neutralize 100% your flight CO2 when you search and and book via Kayak, however, we can still plant / save at least 5 trees per Kayak flight booking...each time you search from this page using the Kayak box below:


If you use Kayak, please remember that we can only plant / save 5 trees if you always start your search from this page, so please bookmark it !

Tens of thousands of trees already planted and saved!

Hundreds of millions more trees

and other natural climate solutions planned!

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No problem, you can buy trees to help offset your CO2 emissions using the "Buy Now" button below!

Each time be sure to search and book via, we will offset+ your flights

automatically and free of charge and no extra work for you! is unique!

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