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Some initiatives that we currently support 


Use our site to search for flights and book with more than 700 airlines and travel agents


Then we plant, or save, enough trees to remove+ your flight CO2 free of charge to you!

We can also reduce the eco-impact of your hotel stays and car hire! is unique! is a completely unique initiative, first introduced as a pilot programme in 2015, to help YOU take control and reduce your impact upon the environment. We also improve and empower communities around the world. It's all done, simply one booking at a time!


You can find the best flights from more than 700 airlines and travel agents using our flight search tool. Just click on your country, then proceed to search and book. 


After your flight, we plant enough trees, or save them from destruction, with our highly reputable partners, to make your flight's CO2 emissions carbon-neutral as a minimum, and free of any extra costs or effort for you! Tree planting and conservation employs and empowers communities globally. Together we can help to improve the planet and people's lives at the same time! 

We also commit to contributing initially 50% of our earnings

to environmental improvement initiatives to make your impact climate-positive! Once we grow we commit to investing 80% of our earnings into natural climate solutions!


You can also search for hotels, apartments, car hire, tours, insurance and other flight-related offers with our partners.


For each partner booking or purchase you make via our website, we'll plant at least 10 extra trees to help offset the CO2 emissions of your stay and transfers! We are unique!


We can only do all this great work when you, your family, friends and business colleagues search and transact via each time that you and they want to travel.


​​If you would like to learn even more, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page. 


Make sure that you always search and book via !

Why plant and save trees?


Trees are being rapidly destroyed, yet they are a vital carbon-store and a vital regulator of weather and climate, so they urgently need saving and replenishing. We want to do our part to make this happen to try and absorb the increasing carbon emissions from aviation. The more popular we become with your help, the more trees we can plant and the greater impact we can make together! Did you know that -


  • A group of 10 trees that we plant can absorb CO2 at a rate of between 157 to 222 kg (480 lb) each year!

  • Planting trees is one of the most effective means of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • Trees are natural pollution filters, absorbing pollutants through their leaf surface.

  • Trees lower temperature by breathing out water and providing shade from the sun; the difference in temperature can be as much as 10C / 19F.

  • Trees reduce erosion of soil and help to avoid flooding downstream.

  • Trees help to replenish ground water and maintain the flow of streams.

  • Trees provide wildlife habitats.

  • Managed forests can provide employment to local communities.

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