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Terms, Conditions, Privacy & Cookies

Terms and Conditions is a product innovation created by Green Aviation Solutions, an Environmental and Social Purpose organisation.


This Site is a flight search and comparison tool which additionally and uniquely takes action to help mitigate the environmental  impact of flying and related activities in a unique way. To achieve this, we have various relationships with third party travel providers. Our goal is to try and make it easy for you to search with the widest variety of travel providers and airlines.


Green Aviation are not travel agents nor tour operators, and we do not present ourselves as such; we solely offer you our unique flight search and comparison and environmental impact solutions.


We want to provide you with a great search site and ways to help mitigate carbon emissions and we'll be improving the site on a regular basis which means that the Site and its content is subject to updates and change without notice. We do not accept any liability for any errors or failures of service on our site nor that of a subsequent travel intermediary, agent or airline.



Your use of the Site is subject to these Conditions of use. Please read them carefully before using the Site. If you use the Site you signify that you agree with these Conditions of Use.



You are not required to register or submit to us any personal information to use this flight search Site. Any flights or other bookings that you find and decide to make from our Site are handled by airlines, travel agents or other travel intermediaries for which they will require you to submit relevant personal information to them, for the purposes of the booking and any other stated purpose and your details will accordingly be covered by their own privacy agreements.


If you decide to subscribe to our information service to keep you informed of special offers and related information then you will need to provide us with your email address. You may also contact us using our contact form or other means. We will keep your details with Green Aviation only to be provide you with our services. We will not pass your details on to other third parties. If you have subscribed to be informed then you have given your consent for us to add you to our mailing list in order to keep you informed.

Web Analytics / Cookies


This website uses cookies and we aim to be transparent in communicating this to you. Cookies are used by the vast majority of business and personal websites on the internet. operates in accordance with applicable English, British and EU cookie and privacy laws.

Our cookies are from well-known companies such as: WordPress, Wix, StatCounter, Google. Our cookies are used for technical reasons and statistics, and they provide a log of technical information that is used to be able to provide you with a functional website and a good user experience. The technical information collected includes elements such as visitors’ browser type (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc), operating system and the resolution of screen so that our website is optimally displayed, which pages are browsed so that we know which ones are more popular.

The systems we use log the IP address of visitors to our websites. The IP address helps us to know which country or region the website visitor was based in and which helps us to determine the level of interest in, and general geographical location of people who may be interested in attending our conferences / events. We do not lookup further details of IP addresses beyond their geographical location, except occasionally for reasons of IT security, if for example, we suspect a hacking attempt and we would need to liaise with relevant organisations to identify its source and to allow us to protect our systems.

Cookies also help us to improve our websites. For example, the statistics have helped us to notice that we have visitors from many different countries, therefore, we are considering providing other language versions in the future.

Our systems log if a visitor to our websites was referred from another website, or came via a Google search or other search engine enquiry. We look at this information periodically to help us to assess the success of our communication and promotional efforts.

When we refer you to our travel partners you will be recognised as originating from and they will use their cookies to recognise you as a visitor as you proceed through the booking process. You will be subject to their own privacy and cookie policies. If you choose not accept their cookies there is a risk that they might lose your association with and if you book with them we may not receive revenue from them to be able to plant trees or undertake other environmental projects.

When you first visit our website you will be prompted to agree that we use cookies for the purposes laid out in this policy. If you do not agree you should either not continue to use our website, or alternatively you should take steps yourself to manage or delete cookies in your browser / device. Most web browsers allow you to manage cookies and allow you to reject some or all cookies altogether, and delete any existing ones from all the websites that you have already visited. If you choose this option, you may still use websites, however, you may experience a lower quality experience, or possibly not be able to access all features. If you are not sure how to achieve this you should follow the instructions of your web browser manufacturer, and for your convenience we have provided below a link to an organisation which provides easy to follow instructions on how to manage cookies for the major browsers and where you can learn more about cookies beyond our brief introduction:


Personal non-commercial use limitation

This Site is free for your personal and non-commercial use. We welcome commercial use of this site but you may not use the Site for commercial purposes other than booking travel and related services for your organisation (e.g. offering our service to other third parties) unless you receive a written agreement from Green Aviation Solutions. You may copy or print the information as presented on this Site for your private use but for no other purposes, unless explicitly agreed by us in writing. You may not use any automatic methods to access the information on this Site unless explicitly agreed by us in writing.



If you choose connecting flights or other travel modes

When you find a flight or other travel related activity on our Site, your subsequent decision to use it creates a contract between the travel provider and yourself, not Green Aviation Solutions. 


It is fully your own responsibility to be aware of, and ensure your adherence to, any flight or other travel connections or transfers.


We recommend that you ensure that the transit time at the connection airport will be long enough before purchasing.


We recommend that you ensure there will be enough time to; get off the plane, pick up your luggage and check in with your next airline, complete any administrative and security requirements of the airlines, airport, State or any other party involved in your journey.


Note that the Site may sometimes find flight connections that work in theory but are not feasible in reality - for example but not limited to arriving flights can be delayed and departing flights can depart before scheduled take-off. International flights close check-in gates earlier than local flights. Security measures, strikes and congestion can affect your transit time.


Green Aviation Solutions is not responsible in any way whatsover if connecting flights do not work out as indicated or anticipated and you should ensure that you are adequately covered by appropriate travel insurance.


Environmental Commitments

The commitments that we state such as planting trees, donations to environmental projects and organisations are only possible when a human user using our site performs a flight search (or other travel booking) which then directly results in a valid paid booking through one of our third parties as part of a continuous, uninterrupted search and booking process, and for which we receive revenue from that third party. Any other use or process is not valid since we will not receive any revenues under those circumstances. Similarly if there is a technical error or limitation which prevents the travel provider from identifying that forwarded you to them then we will not have any information to confirm that the booking took place nor payment from the airline or travel agent.


Some low-cost airlines do not currently pay us any revenues at all, despite us bringing them your business. It's unfair, but we want to ensure you get the widest choice of airlines. We estimate how many bookings are made where we don't receive any revenue, and then we estimate to make those bookings at least carbon-neutral from the revenues we receive from more friendly airlines. We even try to err on the side of caution and plant more trees, and make a climate-positive impact (i.e. greater than just carbon-neutral), but we cannot always absolutely guarantee this occurs at one specific point in time. However, we apply our best efforts and also take external independent expert advise to a) try and avoid such a situation from potentially arising, and b) if a shortfall did unexpectedly arise, the carbon emissions will be subsequently offset when we are able to donate at least 50% of any profits we generate to protecting rainforest and other environmental schemes to make a climate positive impact.


The commitments to the environment are subject to change without prior notice, but if they do change, they will be notified on this site and to people who have subscribed to keep updated. Any changes will normally only apply in respect of flight bookings made after the notification of the changes.


Limitation of Warranty

Green Aviation Solutions maintains the Site and its contents on an "as-is" basis and as available. Our flight search tool is fully productionised but some parts of our website may still be under 'beta' status and subject to frequent changes to enhance the user experience. We do not accept any liability for any errors or failures of service.

We are in no way responsible for any sites that we link, refer or forward to. Green Aviation Solutions does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of our Site's content, nor is it responsible for accuracy, reliability or availability of our  partner or any third party site or infrastructure such as travel agents or airlines.

Green Aviation Solutions is not responsible for any financial loss or loss of any kind that you or others may suffer as a consequence of using our Site or any other site that we may link, refer or forward you to.

Green Aviation Solutions is not a travel agent nor tour operator and we do not present ourselves as such.

Environmental commitments showed on this site are provided on a best-efforts basis and are not guaranteed, but we do our very best and take independent expert advice. They are subject to change without notice and without any form of liability nor compensation.


Changes of Conditions of use

Green Aviation Solutions reserves the right to change the Conditions of use at any time and without notifiction.


User's responsibility

You take full responsibility for your use of this Site. Green Aviation Solutions reserves the right to refuse or limit your access to this Site.


Applicable law

The conditions of use of this Site are governed by the laws of Switzerland, as is any dispute concering these conditions of use and the Site.

Green Aviation Solutions may sub-contract or partner to other organisations some or all parts of the management and operation of this site to other entities, but Green Aviation Solutions will retain overall ownership and the applicable law will remain Switzerland.

In the event of a dispute the use of an arbitration service will be our preferred option, but we fully reserve the right not to use the option and proceed with other legal options.


Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments about these terms and conditions of use or other matters concerning the Site, in the first instance please contact our global support team via the contact form on this Site.





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