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Frequently Asked Questions



Welcome to, a new, unique, yet very simple concept in helping to protect our environment and saving you money!


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) we've been asked which explain what we are doing and how we are doing it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions, we’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.



What do you mean by 'eco' ?


By 'eco' we mean 2 things. Firstly we aim to provide access to the lowest fares, i.e. economical. Secondly, to be eco-responsible by fully offsetting your flight emissions, and taking additional environmental actions, free of any charge to you.


We help you to find cheaper flights (and hotels and cars) compared to booking directly on an airline's or other travel provider's website because we can frequently access special offers not normally available on the airline's own site. 


For every and any flight that you decide to make via our site, we plant enough trees to more than offset the flight CO2 emissions, we call that offset+ and we are unique!


We also plan to invest at least a huge 50% of our surplus income (once we start earning surpluses) to saving rainforests and to projects that can reduce the eco-impact of aviation! No-one else does this!

All together these actions are know as by professionals as being climate-positive, they not only neutralise your flight CO2 emissions, but much more, to help regenerate our damaged environment.



Do I pay more for my flights by using fly-eco?


No! There are no premiums or extra charges for using our flight search engine, we don't add anything on to the cost of the flights as presented by the airline or travel agent!  We pay for the trees and environmental projects!



Why plant trees?


Trees are being rapidly destroyed, yet they are a vital carbon-store and a vital regulator of weather and climate, so they urgently need saving and replenishing. We want to do our part to make this happen to try and absorb the increasing carbon emissions from aviation. The more popular we become with your help, the more trees we can plant and the greater impact we can make together! Did you know that -


  • A group of 10 trees that we plant can absorb CO2 at a rate of between 157 to 222 kg (480 lb) each year!

  • Planting trees is one of the most effective means of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • Trees are natural pollution filters, absorbing pollutants through their leaf surface.

  • Trees lower temperature by breathing out water and providing shade from the sun; the difference in temperature can be as much as 10C / 19F.

  • Trees reduce erosion of soil and help to avoid flooding downstream.

  • Trees help to replenish ground water and maintain the flow of streams.

  • Trees provide wildlife habitats.

  • Managed forests can provide employment to local communities.



Where do you plant trees?


We have several very reputable eco-partners listed on this page, and we are assessing more. If you would like further details then please contact us. If you require certification of your flight, the specific project / partner is mentioned on the certificate. Our tree projects currently focus on planting trees in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The projects are highly reputable and transparent and we’ll be shortly publishing more details on these. As we grow we will plant trees in other regions of the world. We check our selection of partners and projects with independent third party climate experts.


Does planting trees really offset the emissions from my flight?


Yes, normally completely, and more, according to the length of your flight, aircraft type and especially number of passengers on your booking.


Over its lifetime one tree, especially in the tropics where most of our trees are currently planted, can absorb 1000 kg of CO2, or more. This amount can vary and depends upon the tree type, location and whether trees are harvested or left intact. We aim to maximise CO2 absorption through careful selection of our tree planting partners. We aim to try to plant more trees, depending upon the agreements we can get. 


That's what we are doing on your behalf, with our revenues, free of any cost to you! You just have to use our site, make a booking directly from the linked travel providers, and we take care of the rest!

How can my flight be eco-friendly, isn't that 'greenwash', isn't aviation a big polluter?


Aviation is far from being eco-friendly at the moment, and that's why we are uniquely trying to do something really positive to help mitigate some of these problems! 


But it's not all bad news. A lot of progress is being made by the aviation community already, and even solar powered aircraft are being trialed and sustainable biofuels with no direct land-use impact are being tested.


We are doing our little bit and hope to do a lot more to help promote and even invest in such progress. We'll be helping fund eco-projects and non-profit organisations which campaign and innovate to help reduce the environmental impact of aviation. We work with organisations such as "Sustainable Travel International" and the "Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials" amongst others, to keep updated of the latest developments.


In the meantime tree planting is a very positive step, it's something real that we can do immediately and for very many journeys it covers all, or more, of the carbon footprint of the passenger who booked via our site. However, there is much more to do and we ask you to join our initiative and support us! Send us your ideas via our contact form!



Is tree planting enough?


Yes and no!  We are doing far more than anyone else and for many flights we cover far more than the actual carbon footprint. We’d like to do even more and we plan to increase further our contribution to environmental improvement projects and we also encourage you to do more to become more eco-conscious. 


Fly-eco is young and we need to ensure that we invest enough of our income into improving our services, enhancing IT infrastructure, support teams and other growth needs. Once we've grown a bit more, increased revenues and actually start making surpluses then we plan to invest at least 50% of them into environmental improvement projects!


That’s a huge commitment and we hope you will continue to use the site, spread the word so that we can be successful in achieving these goals and helping to save the environment!



How good is your flight search engine?


Our flight search is one of the best available and the core of it has been used for millions of searches and bookings safely and securely. It deeply scours the travel industry seeking out great fares and special deals across hundreds of airlines, and hundreds of special offers with travel agents and even sites such as! So you have no need to search elsewhere, our search engine does the hard work for you!


If that wasn't enough, our flight search checks a myriad of alternative connections and even allows you the possibility to use different airlines on the same journey, offering you great alternatives if you decide you don't want to fly directly.


If that STILL was not enough, you can even search for the best deals on hotels and car hire! We want fly-eco to grow and become your one-stop travel search site - keeping everything nice and really simple but with all the choices that you need! We want it to be a benefit for your pocket and the environment!


Are you travel agents?


No, is a flight search and comparison tool and we have various agreements with third party travel providers who themselves are licensed to sell travel products to you; we don't sell them, they do, and your contractual relationship is with them. Our goal is to try and make it easy for you to search easily with travel providers and airlines and find the best deals and then whatever your choice, we take environmental measures to minimise and even neutralise completely the impact of your travel choices. To ensure that we can deliver environmental benefits each time that you travel, we ask that you come back to each time that you want to plan a journey, not go directly to the travel provider. To summarise, we are not travel agents, nor tour operators, but when you search with our tools we can help to improve our world one booking at time.


I like your website but I would like it to include…


Over the coming months we are planning to make progressive improvements to add user-friendly and environmentally-friendly features and partners that will help to reduce the environmental impact of your flights!


We'd appreciate your feedback and suggestions via our contact form on this site; we can't promise to do everything but the most popular suggestions will get the initial priority, but fundamentally we want to keep this site nice, clear and simple to use.

We'll soon be showing the number of trees planted, where they were planted, tonnes of CO2 avoided and provide an update of the eco-projects that we are supporting.

Please enter your details below to keep in touch for further information and updates:

Thank you, we've received your details!

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