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Business travelers, corporations, shareholders and other organisations are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of business travel. They want simple and effective ways to ensure that their travel carbon emissions are fully offset responsibly with a reputable scheme and emissions reported under their CSR programs or even statutory reporting.

We have more than 20 years of corporate and business travel experience and we fully understand your needs. For business travelers and companies using our flight search tool we can provide certificates confirming the numbers of trees planted and amount of carbon offset.

If you are required to have UN-certified offsets we can even help you further and arrange a number* of CER and REDD+ credits to be purchased, according to your business requirements.

Please use the contact form below to let us know your needs and we'll get back to you shortly and work out a solution that works for you.

Business travelers and 'corporate social responsibility'



* If your organisation is required to have UN-certified offsets we can even help you further and arrange CER and REDD+ credits, according to your business requirements. Since these may be more expensive than our own partner schemes, we will have to purchase at prevailing fluctuating market rates, therefore, it may not be possible to purchase the total number of offset tonnes to fully cover the flight CO2 emissions. In case this arises we will notify you and give you the choice of continuing with a partial offset, or paying for the residual amount to ensure full offset, or alternatively switch to one of our tree planting schemes with full offsetting at no extra cost. is unique!

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