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Business and leisure traveler offset certification submission



When your log is completed, please upload it for certification using the form below. We will send you the certificate by email.

Individual business  travelers, or their employers, my wish or even require our certification of the total number of trees planted, or tonnes of CO2 offset, or some may even may prefer us to purchase a number** of UN CER or REDD offsets instead of planting trees.


Please download and complete our Excel template shown below, then upload it using the submission form below. The Excel template needs to show the list of flights you are claiming for your certification. Alternatively you can upload your own PDF document showing up to a maximum of 12 scans of the relevant flight purchase receipts. Please note the maximum file size of 10 MB.


Certification flight log template download:

* Your email address must be firstly notified to us prior to uploading your documents. The easiest way to do this is by registering on our Business Travel page, if you have not done so already.



** If your organisation is required to have UN-certified offsets we can even help you further and arrange CER and REDD+ credits, according to your business requirements. Since these may be more expensive than our own partner schemes, we will have to purchase at prevailing fluctuating market rates, therefore, it may not be possible to purchase the total number of offset tonnes to fully cover the flight CO2 emissions. In case this arises we will notify you and give you the choice of continuing with a partial offset, or paying for the residual amount to ensure full offset, or alternatively switch to one of our tree planting schemes with full offsetting at no extra cost.

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