The Option

If you're a long time user already, you might be used to their interface. Now you can initiate a flight search from our fly-eco link below!


Unlike using the dedicated fly-eco search tool above, we can't guarantee to

100% remove your flight CO2, but we can still plant or save at least 


3 trees per flight booking!


If you use Kayak, please remember that we can only plant and save trees if you


always initiate your search with our link !

Thousands of trees already planted and saved!

Billions more trees

and other natural climate solutions planned!

​Have you booked or flown already without using

No problem, you can buy trees to help remove+ your CO2 emissions using the "Buy Now" button below!

Each time be sure to search and book via, we will remove+ your flights

automatically and free of charge and no extra work for you! is unique!

Please keep in touch with us and receive updates!

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